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Cheese assortment
15,00 €
Made in-house and variety of mosterde

Panna cotta with vanilla
15,00 €
Espuma of passion fruit, ice with caramel, sabayon with amaretto

Chocolate soft serve
15,00 €
Van Dender chocolate, blood orange sorbet, almond crumble

Ananas ravioli
15,00 €
Crème brûlée of licorice, mascarpone, sorbet of ananas

Dame Blanche
15,00 €
Turbinated ice cream of the day, Van Dender hot chocolatecream


Restaurant San Daniele

6 avenue Charles-Quint
1083 Brussels

Tél.: +32 (0)2 426 79 23

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Wifi available
Dog not recommended
American Express card accepted
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Visa card accepted