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Tartare of bluefin tuna
40,00 €
Foie gras, confied lemon, declination of green celery
with Italian Caviar (15gr) 70,00€

Cru de gambero rosso
55,00 €
Shellfish mayonnaise, pickled onions, caviar, lime ricotta

Vitello Tonnato
35,00 €
Emulsion of tuna, caper of Pantelleria

Carpaccio of beef Hary's Bar style
35,00 €
Raw asparagus, artichoke, Parmesan cheese

San Daniele Ham
31,00 €
18 months ripening

Belgian Asperges
30,00 €
Scrambled farm eggs with truffles

Parmigiana Siciliana
30,00 €
Mozzarella, tomatoes from the hills, green basil


Restaurant San Daniele

6 avenue Charles-Quint
1083 Brussels

Tél.: +32 (0)2 426 79 23

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